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Carolina Personalized Care offers the best internal medicine and aesthetics medicine care in Cary, North Carolina. Patients age 18 and up rely on the dedicated Carolina Personalized Care team for comprehensive care including primary care, diabetes management, aesthetics medicine, chronic disease care, dementia care, weight loss, regenerative medicine, and much more.

The Carolina Personalized Care team takes a modern approach to personalized care. Patients always get individualized attention, based on their specific health problems and wellness goals. The team has a very hands-on approach, and patients really feel like a member of the family when they come into Carolina Personalized Care.

Finances are tight for many patients today, and the Carolina Personalized Care team understands that. They strive to keep the cost of care reasonable for everyone. To get the best in internal and aesthetic medicine, call us today at (919) 568-1600 or request your appointment online.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones fluctuate throughout the life of every individual; however, if a patient has certain medical conditions or has undergone specific types of surgery, their hormones levels might be further impacted. The best responses are seen in those who can be treated with natural hormones because the body already creates them and knows how to process them.



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